Star News Article

Goat yoga came to Elk River last week, drawing a crowd to the Handke Center.

Jay Grammond, a certified program planner with District 728 Community Education, said they ran two back-to-back goat yoga sessions on Oct. 11 and had a total of 53 people attend.

New Richmond News

The story of how the Lubich family — including Jessica, husband Kevin, and their three children: Lily (6), Macy (3) and Nash (2) — started Have Ya Herd Goat Yoga starts where many small family-owned farms in the United States does: with the family struggling and looking for a way to supplement their income to make ends meet.

River Falls Journal

“Goat yoga is simply yoga with goats. No, the goats don’t actually do the yoga, but they do participate. It is a super fun class, with no pressure. A lot of times, it is more ‘goats’ than ‘yoga,'” said Have Ya Herd Goat Yoga founder Jessica Lubich.

Hudson Star Observer

On a small family dairy farm just north of River Falls, people from throughout the area can be found taking part in yoga classes six times a weekend in the Lubich family’s yard. However, the humans aren’t the only ones taking part in the Have Ya Herd Goat Yoga classes.

Shop. Dine. Live Article

Until recently, yoga has always been regrettably deprived of any animal collaboration. This was due to the difficulty in finding a suitable animal to do it with — try to include a lion in a yoga class, and you’ll likely have very few people attend it twice. Thank the heavens that we have finally discovered that friendly, gentle goats are the perfect creatures to do Vrikshasanas and Bharadvajasanas alongside.

Pioneer Press Article

Katie Willer of Minneapolis struck a tranquil yoga pose, basking in the perfect meditative moment.

Until a goat jumped on her back.

Miller slumped slowly onto her yoga mat, and the goat rode her all the way down. “This really isn’t yoga any more,” she sighed, as the goat nuzzled her ear.

“No,” said the instructor. “It’s goat-yoga.”

The St. Cloud Times Article

Have ya herd the word about goat yoga? Yes, it’s a bit of a hike from St. Cloud to Roberts, Wis., the town 20 minutes east of Minneapolis where the Lubich family owns and operates their goat yoga venture, but it’s totally worth it.

The Star Tribune Article

Take a deep breath. Exhale around the goat that just head-butted your stomach. Stretch to the left. Pat that goat as it gnaws on your shirttail. Relax in the knowledge that goat yoga is pure and good and a lens through which we can come to understand the struggle of family dairy farmers. Namaste.

The Jason Show segment

You never know what will happen when you have live animals on the show… thanks to the Minneapolis Parks Foundation and Have Ya Herd for bring goats on the show to let us try the hot trend of goat yoga. Looks like we may need a new carpet…

WCCO 4 News Segment

A new way of staying in shape while having a good laugh is gaining popularity just across the border in Wisconsin.

The new workout class just launched last month and combines yoga and adorable goats.

Fox 9 News Segment

“Goat yoga” is being offered, at least one more weekend at Have Ya Herd farm in Roberts, Wisconsin, about half an hour east of the Twin Cities.

Goat yoga is still happening this Saturday and Sunday and maybe further into the season, depending on weather.

Dairy Star Article

After their plans to add dairy goats to an existing 60-cow dairy fell through, Paul Lubich and his son and daughter-in-law, Kevin and Jessica Lubich, are finding themselves as not only dairy farmers, but yoga studio owners.

Citi Pages Article

It was a below freezing Sunday morning in Roberts, Wisconsin. I had just spread my yoga mat out on a thick layer of hay when a white goat in a frog costume nudged me aside and released a small dried turd at the edge of my mat.

Kind Acts of Randomness article

It was pure and unexpected happiness. I would love to do it again soon, although after getting shooed off the farm for continually threatening to steal Frosty, the white Nigerian Dwarf goat, I’m not 100% sure I’ll be welcomed back.

The Country Today Article

Jess Lubich of Have Ya Herd near Roberts, which offers goat yoga classes year-round, said goat yoga is like swimming with sharks; for some people, it’s a once-in-a-lifetime activity to cross off the bucket list. Others, however, come back for more.

Grand Opening Celebration!

Hey everybody! I am changing the date as it sounds like a lot of people are going to be out of town for the holiday weekend! 13 spots are still available for class on the 16th! Get signed up by clicking the "Book Now" button above to save your spots! Come help us...

Pilot Goat Yoga at Have Ya Herd

Pilot Goat Yoga at Have Ya Herd We had our first ever goat yoga class at Have Ya Herd! It was a great time had by all, the goats included. Stacy, our fearless leader, did an amazing job teaching the class, and walking us all through what to expect. We...

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